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We aim to make Kingscliff Mini School an extension of the home and family and to provide a stimulating environment in which to promote optimum creative, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development for each child. 


Kingscliff Mini School has an ongoing connection with the community; a place where families meet and create lifelong friendships -a place where children feel safe and secure as they grow and learn - a place where children experience the wonder of early child hood through play - a place where  strong relationships are developed between adults and children  through mutual trust and friendship. 

Through both planned and spontaneous activities and experiences, staff members strive to extend individual competence and confidence in all these areas of development.

Early literacy and numeracy skills are a constant focus throughout our program and in the everyday experiences at Mini School and each child's individual interests and strengths are fostered and programmed for. Group interests are also followed and extended upon, creating an opportunity for families and even extended families to participate.


Each child will have an individual "Portfolio" in which staff members and family can contribute observations, comments, photos, work samples, letters and ideas for the program. This "Portfolio" documents your child's learning over the course of the year, allowing you to 'see' their emerging skills developing into learned concepts. 

A day at Mini School...

Marvellous Monday!

We love Monday mornings as the children arrive with their big smile and so much energy, today the children shared stories about their family and weekend with their peers and educators.
Using our problem solving and team work skills, we enjoyed re-directing the water flow in the water course by adding pipes and moving rocks.
There was time to relax on a cushion for a story or lounge by the waving window to just get cool!
We continue to strengthen our upper body with climbing and swinging from our big tree, the children are really loving our special climbing tree.
There was cooking on the veranda, mixing , rolling and cutting gingerbread men out of dough; they smelt delicious! We hope that no one opens the door and they run away before we eat them :-)
Under the shady tree the children enjoyed creating a race track and roads, using logs and rocks, cars and trucks.
We continued on with our love of using our senses with another slimy mix that slipped and oozed through our fingers.
Group times

  • Today we had a big focus on friendships, kind words, name recognition and looking after each other; we are all different but we all have a heart.

  • Music and movement

  • Rhythm with the tapping sticks and the Echo song

  • Gold box letters from home shared with our group.

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