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Lindy Andrews

As an early childhood teacher I believe all children, regardless of abilities or learning styles have a right to quality Early Childhood education.  I consider it a privilege to be part of each child’s unique educational experience that supports the individual child’s lifelong learning. I am proud to be part of a dedicated team of Early Childhood educators who strive to provide innovative, creative programs that inspire colleagues, families and children.  

Bachelor of Early Childhood

Employed for 30 years

Nominated Supervisor/ Director / Early Childhood Teacher

Vicki Schaefer

I am passionate about connecting with, guiding and nurturing every little soul I meet. I am an advocate for respecting every child and their family and believe this is the foundation for a secure and trusting relationship. I aspire to give every child a voice and encourage and preserve the wonder and magic of childhood.

Diploma Early Childhood

Employed for 20 years

Assistant Coordinator (Director) / Early Childhood Educator

Sharon McGuinness

As an Early Childhood Educator I’m dedicated to offering a nurturing inclusive, respectful environment where children can connect with nature to foster a sense of wonder, feeling and belonging.

Diploma Early Childhood, Cert 3 Forest School Leadership

Employed for 11 years

Early Childhood Educator

Kylie Shultz

As an educator I believe children learn best through play based learning. My passion is nature, being outdoors and care for our environment. I love exploring the natural environment and engaging with children to develop a lifelong love and respect for nature.

Diploma Early Childhood; Cert 3 Forest Leadership

Employed for 14 years

Early Childhood Educator

Kia Pindar

As an early childhood teacher I acknowledge and recognise current research that promotes children’s learning through play. I aim to develop strong, respectful relationships with each child and I believe that it is essential that the children are valued, nurtured and respected as individuals. 

Bachelor of Early Childhood

Employed for 12 years

Early Childhood Educator

Cathy Couchman

My aim is to provide each child the opportunities and environment to express their individuality, creativity and grow in confidence.

Diploma Early Childhood

Employed for 8 years

Early Childhood Educator

Sharyn Walsh

Having an Early Childhood and Administration background has allowed me to combine my experience and knowledge to assist our Director, Lindy to coordinate the day to day operations and ‘behind the scenes’.  This consistently provides me with a sense of satisfaction knowing that we can offer such an amazing environment for our local preschool children. It has always been and will remain a pleasure to work as part of our beautiful Mini School community. 

​Employed for 7 years


Alexandra Brown

Alex coordinates our Growing Coastal (Nature Explorers) Playgroup offsite and also works within the Mini School environment

Bachelor of Early Childhood

Employed for 3 years

Early Childhood Educator

Krystal Drew

Krystal works as a casual certificate 3 qualified Early Childhood Educator.

Certificate 3 Early Childhood, Education and Care


Early Childhood Educator

Kasie Ridgewell

Kasie has worked for 2 years at KMS as a diploma qualified, Early Childhood Educator. She is currently studying to become a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher. 

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